- Save. Learn. Fish. is more than a website. It's a community. Intro Video is the ONLY web-based network that helps everyday anglers find fishing buddies to share costs, learn and share tips and techniques, and fish more. Our founder and avid angler, Stacy McCaskill, noticed the countless boats sitting idle dockside and in backyards all across America. Stacy discovered that for many anglers the lack of readily available fishing buddies along with the high cost of marine fuel contributed to less time on the water.

Motivated by the increasing costs of gas and supplies combined with our ever busy and demanding lifestyles, came up with the perfect online platform for finding new fishing buddies and setting up shared-cost outings.'s goal is to help anglers FISH MORE by providing a searchable network of anglers ready to go fishing and a way to easily connect, safely meet new friends, learn new fishing tips and techniques, and securely share in the costs of a fun-filled day of fishing. Fishing is the largest outdoor activity in the world, engaging more than 200 million people with nearly 1 billion fishing outings taken in the USA alone. is enabling countless anglers to save more, learn more, and fish more! Leadership

Stacy McCaskill - Founder Stacy McCaskill Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Stacy has over twenty-five years entrepreneurial experience founding and growing both for-profit and social enterprises across the globe. Her expertise centers on strategic management, visionary marketing, finance, and organization development. Stacy holds an MBA in International Business and a Master's in Human Resource Development. Stacy is a highly rated Associate Professor of Business at Rock Valley College of Rockford, Illinois.

Justin R. Bergman - Finance & Operations Director Justin Bergman Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Justin has significant entrepreneurial experience in the for profit and not-for-profit sectors. Justin serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Corporation. Justin excels at keeping our team on track and managing supporting operations. In addition to his project management duties, Justin also oversees the financial aspect of the company by developing all financial statements as well as ensuring the efficient cost management of the company. Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management and Business Administration. Justin also holds certificates in Business Management, Microsoft Office, and QuickBooks.

Johanna McCaskill - Chief Marketing Officer Johanna McCaskill Chief Marketing Officer

Johanna McCaskill has over two decades marketing experience focusing on data-based decision making, innovative business development, and high impact call center marketing and CRM. Johanna is a senior level executive for Infocision Corporation and currently leads development of their Puerto Rico call centers serving their largest client Comcast. As sisters and best friends, Johanna and Stacy have an excellent working relationship that enables a no apologies approach to strategy. Encouraging a quick-to-fail and quick-to-succeed approach, Johanna brings invaluable insight, industry connections, and experience to's marketing strategy.

Hallie McCaskill - Marketing Manager Hallie McCaskill Marketing Manager

Hallie serves as the Marketing Manager for Corporation. In 2015, has displayed at more than 12 fish and sport shows registering nearly 4,000 users. Hallie managed each show and personally met nearly half of all users giving her deep insight into user demographics and psychographics. Hallie also manages graphic design, social media strategy, and web analytics. Hallie is an excellent researcher and is always looking for creative ideas to improve marketing strategies.

Melanie Smith - Public Relations Specialist Melanie Smith Public Relations Specialist

Melanie has over 15 years of management experience at a supplier in the promotional products industry. She is a hard working team player and has embraced the tasks of writing press releases, handling blog entries and collaborating with the team with enthusiasm. Melanie is currently working towards her Bachelor's degree in Business Management. Her outgoing attitude and years spent developing promotional items make her the perfect person to promote as the Public Relations Specialist. Melanie resides in Belvidere, IL and enjoys fishing the backyard pond with her 5 boys.

Matthew - Brand Ambassador Matthew Brand Ambassador

Matthew is a US Army and Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran who LOVES to fish. He has been fishing ever since he could hold a rod & reel. Since being diagnosed with PTSD, Matthew finds the best therapy is fishing. Nothing matters out there; just you, the water, and your line. Matthew has a strong desire to share in his love for fishing and it's therapeutic value with the world. Matthew is an experienced entrepreneur and an exceptional communicator. Matthew perfectly embodies the lifestyle!

Jason Todd - Founder and Managing Director of Thinker Profit Jason Todd Founder & Managing Director of Thinker Profit

Jason has nearly twenty years of systems, programming, marketing, and business experience. He has worked with national and international companies on technical and marketing campaigns. He also founded, grew, and sold a multi-million dollar online retailer and distributor. Jason's multidisciplinary background gives him a unique perspective on how businesses can start, run, and grow better. Personally investing in, Jason is eager to continue partnering with and excited to see's long-term potential realized.

Development Team

Thinker Profit Team
Thinker Profit is partnering with the tech stars at Thinker Profit of Rockford, Illinois. Thinker crafts strong brands, builds powerful business systems, and leverages data to do amazing things! Thinker's high-performing brain trust is spearheading the development of our website and brand.